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Dominant Black Tourmaline Tasbih

Dominant Black Tourmaline Tasbih

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Al Sheikh Imam delivers the finest quality of natural gemstone beads makes it the perfect gift for your beloved ones, hand crafted just for you; Taking 3-5 leading days to get the product ready. Noting that all of our products are produced individually after ordering.

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Bead Material: Black Tourmaline Gemstone
Stone Color: Black
Bead Shape: Sphere
Thread Type: Special Extra Durable Tasbih Rope
Metal Material: 925K sterling silver.

Tassel Length: 9 cm (Approximately 3.5 Inches)

  • For 33 Beads 

Bead Diameter: 10 mm

Tasbih Length: 22 cm (Approximately 8.6 Inches “Not including tassel length”)

Product Code: BTC33

  • For 99 Beads 

Bead Diameter: 8 mm

Tasbih Length: 42 cm (Approximately 16.5 Inches “Not including tassel length”)
Product Code:

⚛ Compatable Zodiac sign

- Capricorns ♏︎, As Capricorns can also steer a little more to the sensitive side, Black Tourmaline may help you to grow a little bit of thicker skin. Another amazing trait of Black Tourmaline is its ability to bring a much-needed dose of positivity and push that negative vibe a little further into the background.

- Pisces ♓︎, As naturally intuitive and empathetic, Black Tourmaline is perfect for Pisces for protection for those who tend to be overly generous as this crystal makes it easier for them to set boundaries so they can concentrate their energy more on themselves.

- Libra ♎︎, as an October birthstone, Black Tourmaline helps Librans to stay strong and feel protected inviting them to a secure space in which to share their thoughts and ideas when needed. Black Tourmaline is a stress dissolver for the Libra star sign.

- Scorpio ♏︎, as an October birthstone, Black Tourmaline is the perfect match for Scorpios as it represents the nights closing in. Black Tourmaline can help Scorpions with their indecisive and conflict avoidance traits.


Black tourmaline is often associated with the root chakra, which controls our security, stability, and basic needs and all of the organs and body parts physically near the base of the spine. Less often talked about, black tourmaline is associated with the Earth Star Chakra. The chakra is just about 6" below the bottom of your feet. The Earth Star charka is THE chakra of connection to the Earth and oneness. It is the grounding point of the entire chakra system, and with black tourmalines' special grounding abilities, you can see why it is a beautiful association for this chakra.

Health Benefits

It’s believed that black tourmaline is a good replacement for stress and tension. Instead, it helps its bearer view the world more objectively, allowing for clearer, more rational thoughts. It offers
protection against psychic attacks and energetic vampires while simultaneously acting as a purifying agent to clear our auric field of anything that does not
serve us. Black Tourmaline is a wonderful grounding stone that can help us stay centered in our bodies and true to our path. It also helps us to feel safe and
to disengage from obsessive thoughts and chronic worry. As well as it is a great talisman for the lower back, legs, and feet.

Type of Packaging

- Standard packaging is sent in our unique handmade leather gift box. ( Free of Charge)

- Deluxe Packaging is available upon request with our luxurious handmade Mother of pearl Tasbih Wooden Box. (Extra Charge)

Shipping Policy

- We ship world wide; all orders are sent by express shipping taking 3 to 5 working days according to your country.

-International customers will be responsible for any additional charges for shipping the package. Customs fees may be applied according to your country;This could also include any import duties, taxes or fees charged by your country's government. Duties and taxes are subject to change depending on the day. Al- Sheikh Imam will not cover additional charges related to import duties and taxes.

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Al-Sheikh Imam has a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Al-Sheikh Imam item, within the first 7 days after your order has arrived to you, we will replace, refund or exchange your product.

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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the best healing stones for grounding and protection as it has relaxing presence. Because of its powerful ability to clear negativity, Black Tourmaline crystal is also a key component in everyday cleansing rituals and can help to release any unwanted energy already stored in your energy field. The unique approach of a Black Tourmaline crystal is to take on the darker energy so you don’t have to take an energetic hit by holding onto it. Black crystals like tourmaline harbor significant depth due to the darkness and intensity of their color. Simply, black tourmaline is one of the most powerful grounding, purification, and protection stones.

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